Yucatan Tour 2009

Come and join us in the Yucatan Tour 2009


Enjoy an authentic Mexican experience while kiting in a paradise of flat water and great wind.  The tour is designed for kiters but is perfect for those joining their kiter friends and who want to learn the Art of Kiteboarding and experience a true Mexican vacation.  We will travel along the northern coast of the Yucatan where fishing and hanging out are the main activities.  Life moves a lot slower in these parts but not the wind.  You will wake up to a glassy sea, enjoying a quiet breakfast and then off to view some of the amazing scenery that the Yucatan offers.  



We will tour through lagoons to view flamingos, tour an authentic hacienda producing local textiles and of course just chill on the beach.  Then, the afternoons are dedicated to finding the best kiting options from flat water lagoon riding to awesome downwinders. Most of us are surrounded by the urban lifestyle and the hustle and bustle of modern life. Everyone deserves a break and we are here to offer you exactly that.... long days of kiting and chilling out.  What a dream.  You might not want to go back....





We will spend two days on the island of Holbox, which is located 15 minutes off the northern coast of the Yucatan.  This is where the Caribbean Sea meets the Gulf of Mexico and becomes a very productive zone for fish and seabirds.  Half the island is a nature preserve and so the residents and town are located on a small part of the island.  It has remained fairly isolated over the years and has maintained its small fishing village charm.  There are very few cars on the island and the main mode of transportation is in golf carts.  There are tours to the reserve and in the summer the whale sharks migrate near the island.  Holbox offers plenty of activities and a range of areas to go kiteboarding.  You will enjoy flat-water conditions and if there is no wind ...we have wakeboarding!


Telchac Puerto

Telchac Puerto is located on the mainland of the Yucatan about 20 minutes east of Progreso, a major port along the Gulf coastline.  The area offers a plethora of kiting opportunities with awesome downwinders, sunset riding and flat-water lagoons.  The lagoons line the coastline and offer a perfect sanctuary for migrating flamingos and other seabirds that spend the days feeding in the shallow waters.  There are tours into the extensive maze of mangrove islands and freshwater pools, called cenotes.  Telchac Pueblo established in the late 1600's is located a couple of miles off the coast and boasts old haciendas producing local textiles, such as fiber from the henequen plant.  There is plenty to enjoy during the hours we are not kiting.



Merida is the capital city of the state of Yucatan and reflects the Spanish colonial era that began in the mid 1500's after the Spanish settled the Mayan town "Tho" that already existed.  Merida is considered one of the best cities for quality of life in Mexico and its richness is reflected in the Paseo Montejo built with French and Spanish influence.  The center consists and maintains its antique quality and is a pleasure for people interested in architecture and the antiquity of the area.  You will stay in the Gran Hotel, which preserves its antique integrity.  Merida also offers a wide range of cultural experiences such as museums, performances and tours.



Tulum is famous for its majestic Mayan ruins situated among rugged cliffs that overlook the beautiful turquoise waters of the Mexican Caribbean.  Tulum served as a defense port for the Mayan city of Cobá that is located 40 minutes west of Tulum.  There the ruins stand tall and overlook never- ending expanses of jungle.  Tulum is also surrounded by world-renowned underwater river systems creating ideal opportunities for cave and cavern diving as well as snorkeling.  The environment is very unique and tourists come from all over the world to view the beauty of Tulum.
Tulum has another very special feature...it boasts one of the most beautiful stretches of beach in the world with white powdery sand and electric blue waters.  It is a treat to kite in these warm but refreshing waters.  If the wind is right you will enjoy one of the most scenic and beautiful downwinders in the world and if the wind blows from the south you can ride in front of the Mayan Ruins.

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What more can you ask for in a kiteboarding trip???

The Tour Includes

7 nights 8 days Accommodation
All transportation
Continental Breakfast
2 days All Inclusive Food and drinks
Box Lunch For Daily Kiting Trips
Extreme Control T-Shirt

Tour does not include

Additional Tours and Tips
Lessons and Rentals
Photography and Video Service

Average Price for Double Occupancy

$1,220 usd per person including all taxes
Price varies depending on accommodations
Reduced price for triple occupancy
Discount for groups with 8 to 10 people
Minimum 6 people per tour
Maximum 12 people per tour


JANUARY 17- 25
MARCH 14-22
MAY 16-24
JUNE 13-21
Dates can be customized for groups of 6 or more people

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