How to get here

You might be arriving by bus, shuttle, taxi or rent a car, either way, you will take the road to Coba, at the stoplight by the Super San Francisco Market. We are located about 200 meters past the intersection on the left hand side. There is a yellow sign that says “Uolis Nah Hotel.”

Location Hotel Uolis Nah in Tulum


Location of Tulum in Yucatan Peninsula.


There are several options in getting to Tulum from Cancun airport or from Playa Del Carmen. Here are just a few:

Rent A Car:

This is your most convenient option as then you will be mobile throughout your trip to sightsee. The cheapest is to reserve your car online. We have had success with Thrifty car rental. Please note that making a reservation online does not mean your car will be ready. In most cases be prepared for a bit of a wait to get your car. If you want to wait until you arrive, there is a wide selection of car rental places in the terminal as you arrive in Cancun. They do charge a fee is you do not want to return the car to Cancun and would like to drop it off in Playa Del Carmen or Tulum.

Green Line or Grey Line Shuttles:

There are vans that drop people off throughout the Riviera Maya. They charge $35 usd per person and will drop you off right at your hotel. You must wait for the 15 passenger vans to fill up before they leave so you could wait a little bit. Also, Tulum is their last stop and they wait until they have other clients going close to Tulum. This also could mean a little bit of a wait. But, hey, its Mexico, right, and you are on vacation!


The fastest and easiest way is to just hire a taxi to take you to your hotel. You will pay about $90 usd to arrive in Tulum and you can fit up to 4 people in the taxi.


The bus is your cheapest option. They charge you $8 usd and they leave to Playa Del Carmen every hour. You catch them at the far right end of the airport as you exit the terminal. You must walk past the airport and you will find the buses parked in a parking lot. The name is ADO. Once you arrive in Playa Del Carmen you must then take a bus to Tulum. This costs about $6 usd. You will arrive in the heart of Tulum and from there you can take a taxi to the hotel for about $3 usd